Month: May 2016

Older Men Fucking Hot Younger Girls


No matter how you look at it the older you get the worse things seem to get for you. One minute you have full use of your cock and the next you have to take pills just to get a hard on. Fucking girls that are young enough to be your daughter, that doesn’t need any pills at all, these younger babes will give you old cock an instant hard on. It’s just that thought of having a long fuck session with a horny girl that does it for me.

Now I am only in my late 30’s as such I’ve got time to worry about all that later, but even at my age I still find watching grandpa porn videos a turn on, sometimes I even picture myself as the older man fucking the younger girl. I’m sure I am not the only guy that’s done that, it’s only natural to think that even in your 60’s you’ll still be able to fuck anyone you want!

A new victim


Forever searching for new talent, Dries has come across Larissa who is twenty five. Or nineteen but that might be just Dries his whishful thinking. Anyway, we took the girl to our studios that are even older than Dries and Larissa combined.

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