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A new victim


Forever searching for new talent, Dries has come across Larissa who is twenty five. Or nineteen but that might be just Dries his whishful thinking. Anyway, we took the girl to our studios that are even older than Dries and Larissa combined.

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Nice gym seduction


We don’t know what it is about our local gym: Whether it is the paint used on the walls, its location on the spot of a former brothel or the general atmosphere but one thing is true: You just have to get your dick out and within seconds there is a girl blowing it!

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The school teacher returns


Perhaps you remember Jan-Willem: He fucked an ex pupil of his school in front of our camera a couple of weeks ago. Well, he’s back again and this time he has brought his own girlfriend who is somewhat younger than him. About thirty years to be exact…

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